Property and Financial Mediation

The Mediation Team can assist separating parents to resolve their property and financial settlement in a confidential, safe and non- adversarial manner.

Following Family Law guidelines, our process requires each party to:

  • Make full and frank disclosure of all their assets and liabilities
  • Consider their respective contributions (both financial and non- financial)
  • Consider each party’s future financial needs

Once this has been established, the Mediation Team assists parties to explore options and negotiate an outcome that is a just and equitable settlement of their property and financial issues.

The Mediation Team recommends each party seek independent legal advice about their financial situation and settlement options to ensure that decisions made in mediation are consistent with their legal entitlements and obligations.

Should parties wish to make their financial agreement legally binding, they can ask a lawyer to draft a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) or apply to Court to have the agreement made into a Consent Order.

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