What We Do

The Mediation Team facilitates a process assisting separating parents and families to achieve a post separation parenting outcome that is in the best interest of their children.

Myrine and Michele have 15 years of clinical experience integrating family mediation, property and financial mediation, legally assisted mediation and child inclusive practice into their roles as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP’s).

Working collaboratively with their clients and other professionals they are committed to providing an empathic, confidential and child focused mediation experience.

In assisting their clients to reach a parenting agreement, the Mediation Team ensures that all parties have the opportunity to present their ideas and feel heard and understood.

As an alternative to the adversarial approach of litigation, The Mediation Team’s approach is to try to keep their clients out of court and in control of their family’s future.

In the event that mediation does not proceed or result in an agreement, The Mediation Team can issue a Section 60I certificate to either or both parties, which will enable the clients to proceed into the court process.

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